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Windows Server Backup is a feature that provides backup and recovers your operating system, applications, and data. you can schedule backups, and protect the entire server or specific volumes. Recover volumes, folders, files, and the system state in case of disasters like hard disk failures.

– Windows Server Backup to create and manage backups for the local computer or a remote computer. To protect data, every organization must perform regular backups.

– Windows Server Backup replaced the Ntbackup feature in earlier Windows Server operating systems.

– Windows Server Backup feature can be used within a virtual machine environment in the same manner that it is used on a physical server to provide backup and recovery services.

– Windows Server Backup performs bare metal recovery, bare metal backups contain at least all critical volumes and allow you to restore without first installing an operating system.

– Windows Server Backup allows a backup system state, this Backup contains all information to roll back a server to a specific point in time.

– Windows Server Backup provides Exclude files or file types option during Backup, using this option Exclude temporary files from the Backup.

Windows Server Backup Types

Full Backup: Full backup is a block-level replica of all blocks on all the server volumes.

Incremental backup: Backs up blocks that have changed since the last full backup or incremental backup occurred.

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